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Showing 12-24 of 25 Results

Custom Uniforms with Personalized Logo for your Company

Uniforms are essential in ensuring a consistent brand identity. Since uniforms are highly visible representations of a brand, these must meet the standards of excellence that your company wants to uphold. This is why schools usually have a clear set of rules on the proper way to wear uniforms— from the length of the skirt or pants, the size of the sleeves, the correct shade of the blouse or polo top, down to what portion of the lower legs can the socks cover. We see uniforms being worn by people who need to be identified as a respected group. “Uniform” comes from the Latin unus, which means one, and forma, which means form. Thus, uniforms are seen in schools worn by teachers and students; in the armed forces or military; in hospitals, clinics, and medical missions; in the police force; in jails or penitentiaries; in bars, hotels, and restaurants; and in retail outlets. For businesses and institutions that depend on how the public perceives them, the importance of having a well-assembled uniform cannot be overemphasized.

Employees appreciate having uniforms. This would mean they spend less time preparing to go to work because they do not have to think about what to wear and how to mix and match the clothing pieces with which pair of shoes and bags to carry.

Check out the styles of uniforms we have. If you are after the more formal or serious-looking kind, you can consider the Button Down Long Sleeve Polo. If the atmosphere at work or the nature of the business is on the pretty chill side, then do see for yourself the Button Down Short Sleeve Polo. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to produce uniforms with workers with high mobility, you may see the Custom Uniform Polo Jack, which is the top choice for drivers and utility workers. 

After choosing the kind of uniform that suits your business, we will further customize the design to accommodate your desired modifications, such as the printing or embroidering of the brand logo and the names and positions of the persons who will eventually wear the uniforms. We can also check how the uniforms will look when paired with skirts, pants, jackets, and other outer garments and/or accessories to see how the entire ensemble will look.

Craft Clothing uses only superior quality fabric made with high-grade synthetic and natural fibers with wool. This gives the assurance that the clothes will not only be sturdy; these will also feel very comfortable. Thus, the uniforms can be worn for an entire day, and can also be used for many years. Our craftspeople are trained to select textiles of the highest quality as well as sew and print and do embroidery on the cloths.

Let’s create uniforms that can elevate your corporate image. Produce the custom uniforms that your employees will wear with pride and a beaming smile. Click the type of uniform you like to read the product description and request a quote with a free mock-up or prototype.