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Craft/Clothing is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Google

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Craft/Clothing is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Google

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Craft/Clothing is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Google

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Craft/Clothing is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Google

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Craft/Clothing is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Google

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Craft/Clothing is rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Google

"Placing the order was easy enough, there will be someone to assist you when choosing the items! I ordered PPE Jackets, and though it took a couple of weeks to arrive, it was totally worth the wait. The quality of the jacket is A+, with lightweight and water resistant fabric, an in-built mask, and pockets. My friends also loved the jackets! The price was also reasonable for the product. You won't regret buying from them, especially now that extra precaution is needed against the COVID-19. Happy with the team and the products!"
Emma Araña, (Personal Purchase)

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Showing 1-12 of 43 Results

Custom T-shirts with Personalized Logo for your Company

 Crafted T-Shirts

Your everyday shirts 

Custom T-Shirts with Personalized Logo by Craft Clothing

Named after the letter “T” whose figure it resembles, the t-shirt is the most ubiquitous piece of clothing today. It is worn by people from all classes and walks of life. You can easily purchase one in a downtown or street bazaar as well as spot one from the sprawls of luxury shops. There is also no one-size-fits-all way of wearing a t-shirt. The fascinating thing about it is it can be worn in and out of the homein formal and informal settings. You can wear a t-shirt to a party or when you’re just at home binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows. T-shirts can last for years, especially if the material is highly durable. Additionally, these are easy to clean and wash, making these perfect for on-the-go and wash-and-wear types of people. 

Shop for these comfy basics at Craft Clothing and browse through our collection of custom t-shirts ready to be branded with your logo. Craft Clothing is your one-stop shop for all things customized. We specialize in creating personalized pieces to fit your company’s needs. This includes t-shirt printing Philippines services. 

Classic Faves

T-shirts were first used in the 1920s as undergarments. In the USA, miners, stevedores, and other laborers who worked in scorching environments would typically wear a Union Suit, full-body wear. It was split into upper and lower body pieces, and the upper body pieces eventually came to be known as “t-shirts.”

Most t-shirts have a round neckline (crewnecks) or a v-shaped neckline. The earliest buttonless t-shirts were seen during the 1898 Spanish-American War and its aftermath in 1913. The U.S. Navy gave these to the soldiers as undergarments. These were short-sleeved crewnecks made with white cotton. Whenever sailors did dirty work, they would remove their outer garments and allow only their t-shirts to be soiled. Indeed, the t-shirts were practical. These proved to be affordable, washable, and sturdy. 

Many workers in other industries, such as agriculture and factory work, started wearing t-shirts to work. Soon enough, t-shirts became extremely popular and began to be used as a primary piece of clothing that can stand on its own. By this time, the material used to create t-shirts was thicker. Around the 1950s, actor Marlon Brando popularized the t-shirt even more by wearing it in the classic film A Streetcar Named Desire. 

To this day, t-shirts are still very popular for the same reasonsaccess, wearability, price point, and durability. 

One-Tee a Day

Because of its popularity, you may find t-shirts in different styles and colors today-whether you prefer round neck tops or dri-fit tees to keep you company while going for a run. Craft Clothing customized t-shirts are available in round neck style, sports shirts, or your everyday basic cotton tee. Select between CVC fabric, spandex, and 100% pure cotton as the material. Colors can also be customized to your every mood.

Brand Your Tees

Make that piece of polo jack truly yours by decorating it with your own brand logo, brand name, or both! At Craft Clothing, we help small to large businesses come up with uniforms and other branded items using our custom T-shirt printing services.

Add Your Logo

Custom tees are the ideal canvas for your art as it provides the perfect work area for your design. It's perfect for the "dare to be different" mindset. Our Craft Clothing master artisans use the latest and best embroidery, photographic heat transfer, rubberized silkscreen printing, vinyl printing technology to custom print your design. Our motto isyou imagine, we create! Simply contact our design team, and we’ll get to work ASAP! 

Save More

Get more for less. Earn big savings with Craft Clothing. Ordering our customized t-shirts in large bulks means earning a bigger discount per unit.

Ordering with Us

Get your tees branded and imprinted today! Creating one has never been this easy as with Craft Clothing. It all begins with your idea. To get started, drop us an e-mail at or give us a call anytime from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday, and we will get back to you in a jiffy! Do expect a complete mock-up design and a quotation for your approval.

No custom T-shirt design yet? No problem! We will help you create to make your promotional items stand out! 

So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders now. You can also try out our other products such as custom T-shirts, corporate jackets, PPEs, bags, caps, drinkware, and other trending items. 

Craft Clothing Guarantees

On-Time Shipment

Meeting deadlines is important to us, so we’re serious about delivering your orders on time.

Free Shipping 

For large orders, we guarantee fast and free shipping to our valued clients nationwide. It’s a promise! For further info, get in touch with our trusted sales reps.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As Manila’s premier customized T-shirt supplier, we guarantee that your order is as what was agreed on. This includes the correct custom product, custom print, and delivery date. If these are not met, we will redo your order, or you may return the items and get a refund.