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Showing 36-46 of 46 Results

Custom Polo Shirts with Personalized Logo for your Company

Most people own not just one but several polo shirts. It’s easy to understand why. These can look casual and sporty, yet still very presentable. We used to associate polo shirts exclusively with golfing and riding horses, but as we may have noticed, one can look dapper in a polo shirt whether on a golf field or presenting a marketing plan to hundreds of distributors from all over the country. The flexibility of this piece of clothing to be admired. The style is nifty, and the one wearing it is able to move freely and comfortably because the fabric used is soft and feels light.

Polo shirts usually have collars and a placket neckline with buttons. Sometimes these have pockets on the side. These are also typically short-sleeved to allow the wearer to feel cool. Thus these are made with knitted cotton, wool, natural fibers, and synthetic fibers. The popularity of polo shirts reached its peak in the 1920s, during which the players of the famed sport and recreation polo wore these. Polo shirts were particularly hyped in Britain towards the end of the 19th century, as the aristocrats began getting interested in activities held outdoors. Polo shirts were sported by horse-riding men belonging from the elite class. It is believed that the polo shirt’s origins can be traced to India. 

Tennis players from the 19th to 20th centuries would soon join the growing club of polo wearers. They wore buttoned-up shirts that had long sleeves. However, these had been found to be too uncomfortable and prevented the players from performing high impact moves. Enter René Lacoste,  himself a seven-time Grand Slam champion in tennis, who designed a polo-like shirt made with cotton. His brainchild had a collar, placket with buttons and a shirttail. 

Designer Ralph Lauren also contributed to the skyrocketing popularity of the polo shirt. He created a line called Polo Sport, which sold designer polo shirts. The polo shirts were a hit in the market!

The polo shirt, it seems, is now the universal choice for golfers. No wonder— it helps you move around freely and allows you to stay cool in the heat of the sun. It is said that the pocket on the upper part of the polo shirt is for the notebook and pen that are used in recording the scores of the players.

If you are particular with both the look and the feel of the clothing, then our premium polo shirt is for you. Order a batch of polo shirts made by the hands of uncompromising Filipino craftspeople who have mastered the art of creating custom clothing pieces. Feel free to move around in these polo shirts that feel light on the body yet made of sturdy material.

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