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Showing 24-34 of 34 Results

Custom Jackets with Personalized Logo for your Company

Jackets make for practical company giveaways. Jackets help ensure the constant visibility of the company as these can be worn outside a person’s garment and are designed to be worn anytime and even brought anywhere and everywhere. There is always a use for a jacket, and wisdom behind always having one in a bag, in the office, at school, or even in the backseat of a car. You never know when you might suddenly feel cold. The nice thing about jackets is that not only do they provide protection from the chilly environments; they also give some sort of comfortable cushion to wrap the body with. 

A jacket is considered a short version of the classic coat. The jacket comes from the French word jacquette, which pertains to light or short tunic. The first jacket came into existence during the Middle Ages, where it was a tighter version of a tunic worn by men from the working class. However, when the 18th century rolled in, the jacket became the standard working outfit for those in the agriculture and domestic help sectors. Jackets in Europe during the Renaissance were chic and fashionable, and often worn on social events, like formal dinners, and sporting activities in lush greeneries. Men and women both wore jackets, styles of which were markedly different from each other. To the aristocrats, jackets were mostly treated as fashionable additions to primary clothing, just like accessories.

It was only in the 2000s that the jacket came to cover a wider variety of outer garments. Jackets can mean harringtons, blazers, bomber jackets, mess jackets, reversible, windbreakers, and sport jackets. These are made with different materials like cotton, tweed, wool, leather, and hemp. We have seen all sorts of jackets in sports competitions, movies, fashion shows, and just out there on the street on mundane days.

We at Craft Clothing offer custom windbreaker jackets, corporate jackets, baseball cut pullover jackets, plain zipped hoodie jackets, and custom varsity jackets, all with variations in color and type of fabric. Some have shoulder accents, zippers, pockets, buttons, while some are plain but nonetheless sleek and made with topnotch textile, by the agile and skilled hands of the craftspeople of our company. 

In our collection, there are already pre-set styles for sports teams, cheering squads, bands, marketing teams, corporate employees, and company giveaways. These are available for customization in accordance with your requests. It is really you who gets to decide what kind of jacket you want. And we’re here to help you achieve that vision.

Our jackets that not only provide warmth when it’s cold but also cover you with brand pride. Made with the fabrics as comfortable as they are thick and sturdy, these jackets which come in different styles will be coveted by your team and fans of your brand.

Order the types of jackets that may catch your fancy. Click the kind you’re currently interested in to read the product description and request a quote with a free mock-up or prototype.